Live Transfer Health Insurance Leads

Having the right health insurance leads is crucial to your business’s growth. Some insurance agents can make money by harvesting low-hanging fruit right now, but if they don't follow up with leads who don't buy right away, they might miss out on long-term prospects.

Despite having a solid follow-up process, other agents may find it difficult to chase down uninterested leads every day.

Adding exclusive live transfer health insurance leads to a prospector's daily routine, which can significantly benefit agents. When your sales team is able to connect with the right person on the phone and get them excited about the product, they are more likely to purchase it.

The Data Central has access to a database of over 1 million real-time life insurance leads and Medicare Supplement leads – all verified. You’ll be able to reach prospective customers instantly and get paid for every sale you make. Call us now: (855) 514–0900.
live transfer health insurance leads


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